Should you Create Content for Awareness or Lead Gen? #MindfulSocial With @AmyWHiggins

By fouts | Mindful Social Chat

Oct 08

mindfulsocial-amyhigginsThere’s no question that content marketing has replaced the old “yell and sell” strategies we are used to. That doesn’t mean every marketer is taking a mindful approach to it. Setting the intentions for the campaign should be the first steps in creating a strategy, but there are questions. Do you create a campaign for awareness or to generate leads? What are your intentions for marketing in the first place?

This week’s guest is the irrepressible Amy Higgins, Senior Content Marketer and Brand Strategist. Known for being able to craft a well-oiled content marketing and social media machine, Amy excels at creating memorable content that increases brand awareness and generates quality leads. With close to a decade of experience in the tech industry, Amy enjoys working with mid-sized companies like Zendesk to larger companies like Google and Concur. When she’s not online, you can find her at the opera, hiking the tallest mountain, or on the hunt for the latest foodie craze. Learn more about Amy on Linkedin and her website.

Join us on Crowdcast Tuesday Oct 11, 10 AM PT and bring your questions about content marketing and strategy.

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