Mar 07

#MindfulSocial with @CSHasArrived

By fouts | Mindful Social Chat

I’ve worked with a variety of teams over my career from coders to designers and everyone in between. I know first hand that managing to translate geek speak, business-speak and creative speak is a talent to be treasured. My guest this week, Courtney Smith Kramer is one with such skill. It takes a mindful approach […]

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Dec 25

#Meditation, Fail until you get it?

By fouts | Action , How to

I tried meditation many times over the last 30 or so years. More often than not, I was frustrated because I didn’t  see the results I expected. Probably because I expected results from little to no effort! I tried sitting in the lotus posture in a formal practice and expecting instant enlightenment, then chastised myself […]

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Nov 07

Got Election Fatigue? Join Meditation Flash Mobs Tuesday

By fouts | Action

There is no mindful social chat this week , who could possibly focus on Tuesday on anything but the election? Here’s something else to think about. (I’m not going to get political don’t get freaked out!) In divisive times like these emotions are running high, and the stress in the air is palpable. Now, more […]

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