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Apr 14

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Note: This chat has been re-scheduled to May 3 at 10 AM PT. Find it here on Blab.

How do you define a successful life and business? Can we even have the two together?

My guest on the Mindful Social Blabcast this week is David Hamman, AKA @JSDConsulting. Here’s his take on what you should and shouldn’t focus on for real success!

Don’t compare
You’re unique and that’s your Super Power. When you compare yourself to competition you’re playing someone else’s game.

Don’t compete
The only competition for you is you from yesterday. It’s not about being better than anybody, it’s about being better everyday.

Don’t change
Improve! Become you! Becoming is the secret of our journey here, not re-inventing. You’re already good at something – ask your customers – enhance that, listen to them and they will tell you exactly why they love you.

Don’t follow your passion!
Do everything with passion. Live your life with your passion, do your business with passion instead of chasing it.


  • Be good to yourself – you have to love yourself first, understand yourself. Honest – with yourself first.
  • Do good – Think standards & values. Not policies & procedures.
  • Feel good –The secret of living is giving. It’s not about giving much, it’s about giving with love.
  • When you need a hug – give a hug!
  • Make someone’s day – this feeling cannot be compared with anything else.

Join us to talk about really living your best life.  [bctt tweet=”How do you define a successful life? #MindfulSocial w @JSDConsulting Tues 10 AM PT” w  via=”yes”] on #MindfulSocial Tuesday, April 19 at 10 AM PT. You can watch on this page (below)  or join in the discussion onBlab. Add your 2 cents in the chatter on Twitter too, by tagging your comments #MindfulSocial.

About David
David is in charge of business development and brand advocacy at JSD Consulting Ltd., an executive search and coaching company that understands that many people don’t know much about hiring managers, recruiters and the recruiting profession.  To David, everything in business is about people — customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, etc. He believes it is essential that management focus on people — not products, not technology and not services.  His mantra: It is vital to remember that customers will not love your brand unless your employees love it first.

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