Generosity and the spirit of Twitter #mindfulsocial with @DeCart

By fouts | Blab Chat

Feb 08

#MindfulSocial with Dawn CarterI’m a huge fan of Twitter and it’s power for both sharing and learning from others who share their knowledge and curated content. It’s my number one source for professional development and news.

Dawn E. Carter is one of those people who exemplifies the generous spirit of a good Twittzen. Her Periscope series, #Twitterscope has close to 50 episodes and each one has valuable insights and best practices about using this platform for your personal or business brand.

You see, generosity is key on all social platforms.  Sharing other’s content generously gives kudos to the other smart people in your universe. Sharing their thoughts aligns your stars with theirs and makes the world a better, warmer place for both of you.

I don’t care what market niche you are working in, there are people out there writing insightful blog posts and articles that your customer would love to know about. If it educates, entertains, or engages you and aligns in some way with your own story, then it is probably interesting to your market, too. Finding ways to share it, generally with a comment, is a fantastic source of useful material to share and discuss with your networks.

More about Dawn
After 25 years in corporate Marketing, ad agency, nonprofit and startup environments, Dawn now equips brands to connect with their best customers via social media. Research and results-driven, she coaches brands to creatively listen to and engage prospects, partners and customers. Catch her daily Twitter Tip videos on Periscope (#Twitterscope) at 10am PST.Join us!

[bctt tweet=”Effective social marketing is about sharing, compassion, kindness, and especially, generosity #mindfulsocial”]

Listen to the podcast below:

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