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By fouts | Mindful Social Chat

Oct 03

I’ve been a fan of Dorie Clark’s work for several years now. She’s down to earth and hella smart, and her book “Stand Out” really hit home about building a personal brand. Now Dorie has a new book out, “Entrepreneurial You: Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams, and Thrive” and it’s an easy, yet information packed read. She truly takes a mindful approach to building a personal reputation and how to turn that into a successful entrepreneurial venture.

Listen to the podcast below.

For this book, she interviewed more than 50 entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries to sample their secret sauce and share it with us. We will hear from podcasters, public speakers, coaches, consultants and learn from their struggles and their successes. You’ll gain a lot of insight into building an authentic and successful business, how to build a loyal and engaged following, resulting in a sustainable and fulfilling revenue stream the way YOU want it to be.

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Here’s the podcast.


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