Got Election Fatigue? Join Meditation Flash Mobs Tuesday

By fouts | Action

Nov 07

Elevate the voteThere is no mindful social chat this week , who could possibly focus on Tuesday on anything but the election? Here’s something else to think about. (I’m not going to get political don’t get freaked out!)

In divisive times like these emotions are running high, and the stress in the air is palpable. Now, more than ever, it is important to realize that we are all people, no matter what side we are on in the election. Whether it is local or national campaigns that matter to you, everyone has a feeling about it. In her recent post about this on, Susan Kaiser Greenland gives us 7 mindful strategies to ease election anxiety. You may remember, Susan was a guest on Mindful Social some time ago, and I find her work with children so inspiring.

I’ll give you another way to manage your election fatigue, it’s called “Elevate the Vote“. All around the world on Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016 at 3 PM PT, 6 PM, ET, people are gathering to meditate together, at polling stations, at home or at work.

We know this is not over. We know that there will be much healing to do whoever wins the election. But  we need to start that healing process and we can do that through this meditation, an opportunity for you to gather with the community around you and wish our world well.

screenshot-2016-11-07-11-20-45You can do this at home along with the live stream broadcast, near a local polling place, or set up a group in your office (As they are doing at Facebook and many other offices), or find a place local to you on the map here. Please. Join us in celebrating that we are all one.

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