Want Happy, Engaged Employees? Join me for #MindfulSocial with @Elsua

By fouts | Blab Chat

Jul 23

MindfulSocial - Luis SuarezToday’s employees are often overwhelmed with email and busy work. How can they be expected to get engaged and spend time with social media? Is there a way to have a life without email, still get work done and improve productivity and happiness at work? Of course there is! Join  me this week with Luis Suarez  (aka @) to talk about a mindful approach to eliminating busy for the sake of busy, improve communication with your employees through social engagement, reduce or eliminate email and as a result, see happier and more engaged employees. Sound like pie in the sky? Nope. Really, you can do this.

We’ll be on Blab on Tuesday, July 26 at 10 AM PST. Join us there and bring your questions and add your voice to this discussion.

About Luis
Luis Suarez is a Chief Emergineer, People Enabler and Digital Humanist. A well seasoned Social/Open Business evangelist and 2.0 practitioner with over 19 years of working experience in the fields of knowledge management, collaboration, learning, online communities and social networking for business.
He’s founder of the ’Life Without eMail’ movement to challenge the status quo of how knowledge workers collaborate and share their knowledge by promoting and advocating for openness, transparency, trust, sustainable growth, engagement, egalitarian and democratic workplaces, connectedness and, overall, smart work. He currently blogs over at and can be contacted on Twitter at .

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