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By fouts | Mindful Social Chat

Mar 20

mindful social with leslie nanceLeslie Nance is a 4-year breast cancer survivor and her passion for sharing what she learns about healthy living through tons of research and self-exploration is simply amazing. After she was diagnosed, she took the bull by the horns and did what was right for her, studying her options and all of the available resources for cancer treatment. She became the “CEO of her cancer” and decided that the fight had to start in the kitchen, cooking and eating healthy, cancer-hating foods and studying like MAD! On her website,, she makes this promise to her readers:

“my promise is to teach you how eating a healthy diet in moderation can change your life forever!”

And she keeps it!

Leslie has experience as a marketer, and she shares her journey to finding the right fit to marketing Go2Kitchens, taking a carefully considered approach to platforms and strategies. Go2Kitchens began as a cooking show, demonstrating recipes she knew were going to be helpful in keeping her viewers healthy. Then she discovered live-stream and especially Periscope and she suddenly found it fun to be in front of the camera and engaging with her fans.

Then she discovered livestream and especially Periscope and suddenly found it fun to be in front of the camera, engaging with her fans. The comments on some of her shows top 2500 per episode and it comes from Leslie’s dynamic personality as well as putting her community first and foremost. Now, with more than 14,000 followers on Periscope alone,  she still answers every single email and engages with her community across multiple platforms on a daily, if not hourly basis.

Her website is chock full of healthy recipes, videos, and programs you can join to detox or just learn to eat “Real Food”!
Find Leslie on Twitter, Facebook Instagram, Pinterest, and of course, Periscope.

Listen to the podcast below:

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