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By fouts | Blab Chat

Jul 04

MindfulSocial - JessicaHow does applying mindfulness practice to your business communications strategy help you be a more effective communicator? This week I’m talking with Jessica Smith on Blab about how we can be better listeners and better at communicating our business message to reach the hearts and minds of the people who make up our market. We’ll talk about taking a mindful approach to content development and, of course, social media and how we can approach the challenges of an always-on society and still get some work done.


About Jessica
is a recovering academic exploring new adventures in the world of health and wellness through The Peaceful Professor blog.  She earned a Bachelors degree from Longwood University in Virginia followed by a Masters degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  Jessica then entered the University of Tennessee to pursue her Doctoral degree in Communication & Information, which she received in 2010.  She’s taught at the college level for ten years and currently works as an instructional designer.
How to join us
You can watch the show live right here, but it’s a lot more fun if you hop over to Blab and watch the show live, where you can add your comments and questions  in the live chat. Just follow this link and meet us there, Tuesday, July 5 at 10 AM PT/1PT ET.

Here’s the podcast of the show!

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