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There are so many apps out there now to help you learn to meditate, stay present or just stay focused on what you are doing right here, right now. Give some of these a try and see how they work for you. There is no one perfect app, it’s different for everyone!

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Meditation apps to help you get into regular practice

Apps that facilitate meditation can be hugely useful, especially if you don't have access to a local teacher. Most of these are great for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. Check them out and add your favorites.

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buddhify - mindfulness & meditation for modern life on the App Store

Buddhify is perfect for working in an office and grabbing a few minutes to re-charge. The guided meditations are awesome and short, so you can take a quick break in your day.

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If you want to get started meditating Headspace creates a judgement free and encouraging space for you to learn. Start with the 10 day challenge!



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Calm has a wonderful web app to run in the background as you work or just to take a quick break. The mobile app helps teach you numerous ways to meditate.



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Feeling like you need a little motivation to create a regular practice? This is a meditation timer and tracker, it gamifies meditation in an interesting way. .

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The Mindfulness App

If you feel like you need a guided meditation, this can be a good starter point.

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Meditation Timer Pro on the App Store

Experienced and beginners alike love this one. Stop worrying about the time and just breathe. The timer will tell you when you're ready to get on with your day.

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Omvana - Meditation for Everyone on the App Store

Tons of guided meditations from the world's experts. Available for Android or iOS

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Insight Timer

Many of the instructors here are world-class, all free. You can meditate here in the community groups or on your own. I use it daily and love the feature of knowing I am meditating with thousands of people around the world at that very moment. Create friendships with like-minded souls and expand your personal universe.

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Apps for Meditation, Mindfulness and Focus - Zenify, Headspace, Calm, Omvana

A curated collection of apps that help with meditation and mindfulness practice through guided exercises, music and many other techniques

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