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By fouts | Mindful Social Chat

Nov 05

MindfulSocial with Leili4Good
I will freely admit my app addiction. It’s not that that I want them all, it’s that I want the one that is just a perfect fit for the way I do things. So I download, test,  then move on to the next one and the next one, until I find something that fits the bill. Or not. I may just hang onto it until something better comes along (ooooh, shiny!)

I knew I wasn’t alone but when I read Leili Khalesi’s post on what she calls #TranquilTech She had to come on the chat and give us some new apps to play with! Please join us and let’s chat about apps to help us find ways to manage our jobs more easily and give us time to work more mindfully. I’ll also be sharing some of my favorites too of course for management as well as meditation and mindfulness. Join us at 10 AM PT , next Tuesday, November 10and bring your favorite apps to share.

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How does this work?
A Twitter Chat is an open forum. I will ask questions around incorporating mindfulness practices into our work as marketers and how that affects and informs our work and relationships with our following. Any and all are welcome to join in and answer in your own way or ask your questions about mindfulness, marketing, or anything else that comes to mind. Your voice is as important as ours here. Be sure to tag everything with the hashtag #MindfulSocial so everyone sees your responses in the chat.

Never participated in a Tweet Chat?
No problem.  All you need to do is follow @Leili4Good and @jfouts. Then show up at 10 AM Pacific time on Twitter and follow the hashtag #MindfulSocial to watch live or tweet with us.  Learn more with our guide to Twitter chats. Most important of all, have fun and maybe learn something new!

Missed the chat? Here’s the recap


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