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Being a good listener is the key to a good conversation. It’s a basic rule you learn early on. Listen, pause, think, respond. Listen some more.

Attentiveness in a business situation is so important that corporations send teams to listening skills training. Yet, in the lightning-fast medium of social networking, we can get lazy and forget all we’ve learned. We jump to conclusions without truly listening to what the other person is saying. We make assumptions and confusion ensues. This especially happens with networks like Twitter, where we try to cram as much information as possible into one tweet of 140 characters and there is an implied sense of urgency to respond quickly.

Listen, Think, Respond

If you don’t listen carefully, messages are easily misunderstood. When this happens online, a simple misstatement can be wildly misconstrued, and damage control needs to be activated. To avoid that, take time to listen. Use these tools an the tips in the book to guide you to more effective engagement with your market.

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