Life as a Social Entrepreneur. #mindfulsocial with Lynn Abate-Johnson

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Sep 04

MindfulSocial -Lynn Abate-JohnsonI’ve always held the belief that who we work with and the causes we support should reflect our business values and goals. We make an effort to partner with social entrepreneurs who want to make a positive difference in the world, and businesses who have respect for their customers and employees. It’s not always easy of course, and we can lose track of the goals when we find ourselves making decisions based on financial or  ego considerations, just like anyone else! So, how do social entrepreneurs run their businesses? We talked about this with Adam Helweh on an earlier show about what a successful client relationship looks like and this week I’m talking with the remarkable Lynn Abate-Johnson, founder of People Forward  where she generates business growth for her clients, through Customer-Centered, Holistic Business Systems that are tried and true.

Join us on Crowdcast, Tuesday, Sept 6 at 10 AM for #MindfulSocial with Lynn Abate-Johnson to talk about what it looks like to be a people forward, social entrepreneur!

About Lynn
Lynn is lifelong intrapreneur who makes business personal. Not one for formal titles, if you had to label her, she’d go by: Business Development and Social Business Specialist. Clients call her: Muse, Coach, Community Director, Evangelist, BOSS, and, friend.

Lynn cares about conscious business, making a difference, and amplifying the messages our world needs more of. Her focus is on People FIRST, which is where the name of her company came from. Lynn has been growing successful businesses for more than 20 years, and does not believe in retiring.

As comfortable in a boardroom as at Burning Man, Lynn is a study in contradiction. She’s a “recovering” English, Psych, and Computer Science Major, fascinated with the intersection between humans and technology.

Her philosophy, based on the cornerstone of abundance, has grown into her tag line: “There’s enough for everyone. Get YOUR slice!”

Listen to the podcast below:

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