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By fouts | Books

Dec 05

Mindful Social MarketingI work with an incredible range of companies, from nonprofits and agile start-ups to huge Fortune 500 corporations and everything in between. Mostly I love it, and sometimes it drives me nuts!

I wrote Mindful Social Marketing because I was frustrated with working like mad and feeling like I could never get on top of all of the things that I had on my plate. I had no time to enjoy life, my family, my friends. I was so busy reacting to situations that I didn’t always take the time to step back, breathe and respond to what was really going on.

I was reading message after message full of drivel that clearly no one, not even the author, really meant or cared about. It was totally ineffective messaging driven out of the need to constantly produce, not an interest in the person intended to read it. Where was the authenticity, the desire to connect and impact someone?

With the firehose of information on the internet, how does a marketer stay sane? How can we be effective, enjoy our jobs and have real communication with the people that we want to connect to?

Mindfulness practice teaches us to be more responsive and less reactive to things that come up, both on and offline. That means deciding when something has to be responded to immediately and when it needs to settle a little bit before reacting to it. When things are real emergencies and when they simply arent.


In Mindful Social Marketing it I bring 20 years of experience as a digital marketer to give you actionable, real-world advice you can put to use and be more effective, present and happy at your job.

But wait! There’s more!
Spend a measley $4.99 to pre-order Mindful Social Marketing and you’ll get these bonuses to start you off right from the get-go:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness A master class with Liva Judic
  • Simple Yet Smart PR Measurement for the Rest of Us. An e-book by Shonali Burke
  • Printed Copy of The Soul of Success, co authored with Jack Canfield and a host of business leaders
  • Making Social Make Sense, an interactive course on creating a social media plan with me, Janet Fouts

All you need to do is buy the book by Dec 10 and then go here to enter your order number. I’ll send you Jack Canfield’s book in the mail and links to your other bonuses. 

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In it I combine mindfulness practices with 20 years of digital marketing experience to give you a leg up on real engagement with your market through social media.