Stop Distracted Driving, a #MindfulSocial chat with @MitchJackson

By fouts | Blab Chat

May 19


Note: this show has been postponed. Stay tuned for a new date and time!

Social media has taken over a large part of our lives and so have our smart devices.  Last year I wrote this post asking people to take the pledge to put down their phones while driving after watching a well know Periscope celebrity driving with ‘scoping with his wife and children in the car! Simply put it’s life-threatening and stupid. No text, no Tweet, no live-stream is worth your life or someone else’s! Part of being an aware, mindful person is about focusing on the task at hand, distracted driving is the opposite.

Now I could go on a loooong rant here, but I’m not going to do that. I’m saving it  for the discussion this week on @Blab with the streaming lawyer, Mitch Jackson. Mitch has been a high-profile and sometimes controversial advocate of awareness of the issue. He started a public Facebook group at http://StopDD.Today/  as well as a hashtag, #StopDD.






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