The power of telling your story, #MindfulSocial with @NateHowardBe and #movementBE

By fouts | Mindful Social Chat

Aug 08

MindfulSocial - NateDo you know what your true story is?

Many of us go through our lives day after day without realizing our purpose, much less our own story. But it’s there, and if we don’t tell it someone else may tell it for us and then we live that story instead of our true one. Nate Howard offers us the gift of learning how to find and tell our story.

Join us this week for  Mindful Social  to talk about discovering and telling your own story and the power that brings to your life, and others.

His realization of the importance of telling his story has led to many places including creating Movement BE, a non-profit organization that creates a curriculum to help young people discover their story through poetry. With the mission of “tell your story before they do,” the program has directly impacted thousands of students in San Diego including those at the Monarch School, which serves students impacted by homelessness. Having connected with the Sonima Foundation, and worked with Deepak Chopra, Nate combines mindfulness practices with poetry and character development as an advocate for social-emotional learning in public schools. In February 2016, Nate was selected by NBC as on of the top 28 black leaders in the nation under 28 years old. He was also featured on the Today Show as one of the “Best and Brightest: Game Changers Making History.”

MovementBE launched a social app for iPhone to help you tell your story, and to read the stories of others near you and around the world. Check it out.

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