Self Awareness and Your Business #MindfulSocial with @OlaAgbaimoni

By fouts | Blab Chat

Jul 16

MindfulSocial OlaAgbaimoniAs we go through our lives certain types of events happen over and over and our awareness of  these events (or lack thereof) and how we respond to them directly affects how things go from there in our personal and business lives. My guest this week is Ola Agbaimoni and she has identified 7 key elements, or “momentous moments“. She says these moments in our lives represent pivotal point of change. The choices we make and as a result, the things we experience, are so profound they can’t but shift us to a different level of experience. Whether those take us off down a different road or we stay on track is up to us, if we are mindfully present and consciously aware of these moments and our response to them,  we can make more informed decisions.

Please join me on Blab at 10 AM PT, July 19 to hear about Ola’s process for identifying your 7 momentous moments and her process for using mindful reflection to empower your success!

About Ola Agbaimoni
Founder of Eélan M, Ola Agbaimoni aka the Business Detective and “The Coach in the Moment” is a business and personal development coach. Ola’s background in project management, regeneration, inward investment and marketing, business development and change management means she is highly skilled at delivering business solutions that work. A social media expert, Ola specialises in making social media and modern marketing accessible to small businesses.

Ola created the 7 Momentous Moments coaching programme for “making it happen” by marking the moments that spring-board success and the innovative Business HUG (Hearing Understanding and Giving Back incredible value to customers); a marketing strategy that builds financially successful.

Listen to the podcast below:

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