Can Mindfulness really make you more productive?

By fouts | Mindful Social Chat

Aug 23

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If mindfulness practice can help you be more focused then naturally it can make you more productive too right? This week’s guest on #MindfulSocial chat is Ryan Biddulph. Ryan is theAmazon Best Selling Author of the Blogging from Paradise series and he is a prolific writer. He’s used his mindfulness training to stay on track and produce an e-book a day for the last 7 weeks straight! Ryan’s books are a mix of playful travel stories and helpful, simple to understand and apply practical tips for aspiring online entrepreneurs. You can find the lot of them on Amazon, including Solopreneur Ronin– Break the chains, earn your freedom, and engineer a happy life blogging from anywhere.

Join us Tuesday at 10 AM PT to chat with Ryan about his mindfulness practice and how to ramp up your productivity even in paradise.

[ctt title=”Can Mindfulness really make you more productive? Join us for #mindfulsocial Tues 10 AM PT w @ryanbiddulph ” tweet=”Can Mindfulness really make you more productive? Join us for #mindfulsocial Tues 10 AM PT w @ryanbiddulph ” coverup=”NxYkd”]

How does this work?
A Twitter Chat is an open forum. I will ask questions around incorporating mindfulness practices into our work as marketers and how that affects and informs our work and relationships with our following. Any and all are welcome to join in and answer in your own way or ask your own questions about mindfulness, marketing, or anything else that comes to mind. Your voice is as important as ours here. Be sure to tag everything with the hashtag #MindfulSocial so everyone sees your responses in the chat.

Never participated in a Tweet Chat?
No problem.  All you need to do is follow  @ryanbiddulph and  @jfouts. Then show up at 10 AM Pacific time on Twitter and follow the hashtag #MindfulSocial to watch live or tweet with us.  Learn more with our guide to Twitter chats. Most of all have fun and maybe learn something new!

Missed the chat? Here’s the re-cap!

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