Successful client relationships? Think quality over quantity. #MindfulSocial with @SecretSushi

By fouts | Blab Chat

Apr 03

Secret Sushi on mindful social (2)How do you define a successful consulting business? Is it about the number of clients and jobs you complete or the quality of relationships with the clients you have? As consultants we frequently get hung up in the drive for more business and it’s tempting to take that client who is not a perfect fit rather than wait for the next opportunity. But does the quality of our work suffer? Do we actually make less money than we do if we invest the time in building relationships?

My guest on the Mindful Social Blabcast this week is Adam Helweh, AKA @SecretSushi. Adam and I have had many discussions on this conundrum. A mindful approach would lean toward relationships, naturally, but with teams and family to consider it’s not always the easiet road.

Join us to discuss the question [bctt tweet=”How do you define a successful consulting practice? # of customers OR quality of relationships? #MindfulSocial” via=”no”] on #MindfulSocial Tuesday, April 5 at 10 AM PT. You can watch on this page (below)  or join in the discussion on Blab. Add your 2 cents in the chatter on Twitter too, by tagging you comments #MindfulSocial.

About Adam
Adam is the CEO and founder of Secret Sushi Creative, a strategic design, digital and social media marketing agency. He specializes in the convergence of design, social and technology to provide businesses with more intelligent and interactive ways to connect with customers and grow. His clients have included Edelman, Broadcom, Stanford Federal Credit Union, the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, Bunchball, Content Rules Inc. and others.

Adam’s expertise has been recognized by organizations as varied as Cadence Design Systems, Paypal, the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce, the Luxury Marketing Council and the Malaysian Government, which selected him to join a group of entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur on a bridge-building mission between their emerging tech sector and Silicon Valley.

Listen to the podcast below:

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