The healing power of forgiveness #MindfulSocial with @TaraMuldoon

By fouts | Mindful Social Chat

Aug 21

MindfulSocial - taramuldoonI’m honored to have Tara Muldoon as my guest this week. Tara is the founder of The F-You Project,  a movement she started when she did not find justice in the justice system after being sexually assaulted. She saw an art show based on forgiveness from the UK and knew that forgiveness was the missing piece in her life. After realizing forgiveness would have to come from within, she created a platform for youth and young adults to speak openly about what it means to forgive.

Listen to the podcast below:

F-YOU has won numerous awards and achieved various accolades including Toronto’s Best Social Justice Organization and partnering with Desmond Tutu on his Forgiveness Challenge project. She has released two books with a third on the way.

Preorder Tara’s book, Manhood, Chronicles of Sex, Strength and Identity  here.

F-YOU has run over 150 workshops where an eclectic mix of age, race and gender speak about how they have had to forgive or be forgiven in their lives in circumstances like assault, addiction, gang violence, trauma, death and grief. The F-YOU Project is continuously pushing boundaries to have creative conversations around forgiveness.

Learn about the F-YOU Project from the video below and you’ll see why I admire this powerful young woman so much.

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