On entrepreneurship, growth and social strategy, #MindfulSocial with @Tweetsmithers

By fouts | Mindful Social Chat

Oct 24

mindfulsocial paul bradley smithWith a myriad of options to market and sell through social media, how can we take a considered and mindful approach to social media strategy that meets the needs of custimers marketing, sales, the CEO and investors? It’s a tall order. And, well, it takes a mindful approach to the needs of all of the players, tools and tactics available. It also takes commitment to an intelligent growth plan as opposed to growth for the sake of growth!

This week’s guest is Paul Bradley Smith aka @tweetsmithers, a cReAtIvE, analytical, intellectual seeking to create social media strategy that creates marketing efficiencies that makes our world a better place. ¬†Values include; God, family, people, golf, travel, adventure, culture, languages, art, creativity, intellect, simplicity, strategy and becoming a better person.

Join me on Tuesday Oct 25 to chat with Paul about creating a social strategy that incorporates the needs of all involved and what it means for entrepreneurs to create a growth strategy and then put it to work intelligently. Bring your questions!
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