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May 12

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We all know sales is a tough job. Some people excel at it naturally, others? Not so much. What’s the difference? I believe it comes from a genuine interest in the customer’s problem rather than a “gotta make this sale!” attitude. It comes from a more human, relationship place. What does the morning routine of a mindful social sales person look like?  How does the concept of quality over quantity, and developing relationships come into it?

This week we’re blabbing with Kathi Kruse, (AKA @KathiKruse). Kathi is the President of Kruse Control, a social media and digital marketing company that focuses on automotive social media marketing.  Kathi joined us last year for a Twitter chat, here’s the re-cap and it inspired me to have a deeper conversation on a Google Hangout.

About Kathi
Kathi is the President of Kruse Control, and a noted author, speaker, business analyst, social media and digital marketing consultant and trainer. She looks forward to the challenges and creating social media and online marketing strategies in order to help companies drive growth in leads, customers and sales.

Listen to the podcast below:

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